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So tasty, so fresh, so summer

If there’s one thing you crave in the middle of summer, when you’re thinking of your beach body and sweating in the summer heat: it’s eating healthy and fresh.  A great pre-made item for your takeaway counter...
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Top 12 reasons to choose a cafe

You might be surprised to know that price is not the primary factor when patrons are selecting a cafe.  Once upon a time it may have been the deal breaker, but the discerning taste of your average customer has been improved wi...
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Do you charge extra for alternative milk?

We thought it might be fun to do a series of polls over the next couple of months. We would love your input each week on various subjects, and we will publish the results of each poll on the following week’s newsletter. I...
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We all start somewhere

Story by DEMELZA JONES As a waitress in Edinburgh, I was asked to make a round of coffees for a table in a restaurant. Can’t be that hard, I thought. So I did what I thought I should, pressed the buttons and flicked the switc...
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Fact and fiction: 10 common workplace myths

Source: First published on 21 August on Fairfax websites Urban myths persist in many facets of our daily lif...
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