December 9, 2014

The Specialty Coffee Book Victoria

Smudge Publishing has just released their latest book, The Specialty Coffee Book Victoria. The storm that this book is brewing on social media is unbelievable, and the book has made its way throughout Australia and overseas as well.
The Specialty Coffee Book Victoria is an informative insight into the world of coffee – a detailed guide for the coffee curious – giving its readers a behind-the-machine look at what goes into your daily caffeine fix in pursuit of that perfect cup. Featuring over 100 cafés and micro roasters, its pages will take you on an exciting expedition to explore Melbourne’s infatuation with the humble coffee bean.
• Before you are swept up in the morning work rush,
• Before you wander to your local coffee haunt,
• Before your senses are ignited with the collective hum of conversation dancing in and out of coherence,
• Before you hear the burrs of the coffee grinder, the whirring sounds of milk being stretched and the satisfactory clunk as your coffee hits the table,
• Before that first sip of your daily ritual …
… the humble coffee bean has been on an incredible journey from crop to cup.
Take the journey through coffee’s rich history to how it came to be centre stage in Victorian culture.
And then enjoy it at selected cafés, who understand coffee, and are striving for perfection just for you.
Written by Jonette George & Ethan Jenkins.
Illustrations & Designs by Susan Hardjono, Daniele Wilton, Jennifer Mullins & Grace West.
Photography by Bianca White & Kaitlyn Wilton.
RRP: $39.99
Category: Food / Travel
ISBN: 978-0992-318314

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