November 29, 2017

7 practical tips to help you save water and money in your business

Every drop counts – it’s time to be water wise.

Most Australian businesses use water in some form or another—from a Melbourne café washing dishes in the kitchen to a farmer in rural NSW watering their crops.

But with water costs going up faster than energy costs, it pays to be efficient!

Our new information on Water management can help you make simple modifications to reduce your water usage by 30 – 50%.

7 practical water savings tips for your business

When it comes to conserving water, here are some practices your business can adopt to reduce water use:

  1. Look for water leaks in fittings and use a water meter or flow restrictor.
  2. Report leaking taps, toilets and showers.
  3. Replace tap washers and seals annually.
  4. Install rainwater tanks and water-saving devices.
  5. Water garden areas only when necessary and use mulch to reduce water loss.
  6. Consider re-using or recycling water where possible.
  7. When purchasing new equipment for your business look for water saving options.

What to do:

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