Cafe Biz

May 20, 2015

Checkout the #WRBC 14 team line up!

Devondale World’s Richest Barista Competition

AU$50,000 is up for grabs

14 teams will contest this new format competition which will see them compete head to head.
Taking place over the two days of Café Biz, teams of baristas from around the world will battle it out on stage to take home the prizes in the World’s Richest Barista Competition.

Only the best will survive

The challenge is designed to reproduce the pressure of what happens in great espresso bars around the world.  Under pressure, baristas must co-operate as a team to ensure the three things that matter to coffee customers; fast service and excellent presentation whilst maintaining quality. It’s a dynamic format that gives the judges, competitors and audience instant results.

Team Line up:

  • Mocopan Coffee
  • St Ali Family
  • Veneziano Coffee Roasters
  • Dramanti Artisan Roaster
  • Team SG (Singapore)
  • Team Gee Cafe (Beijing)
  • Grinders Coffee
  • Di Bella Coffee
  • Coffeetorians
  • Natvia Sweet Team
  • Silver Chef Hot Shots
  • Magnum Poolside
  • Espresso Room
  • Uncle Joe’s Coffee House

Day 1 competition will commence at 10am with battle being held on 2 stage areas. At the end of Day 1 8 teams will progress to the Day 2 championship rounds.


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