July 17, 2017

Barista Mats

e:  – Nick
e:  – Lachlan
m: 0409 218 721 – Nick
m. 0423 452 864 – Lachlan

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Make your Barista smile & stand out for all the right reasons.
Try our new Barista Mats. Barista Mats reduce breakage, reduce fatigue on your staff, & look great too!
FEATURES: Light Weight (Less than a kilo), Easy to clean, Durable, 3 year warranty, OHS friendly, Ideal for coffee carts, Made in Australia.
Order at: Artisti Coffee, Coffee Machine Technologies, Dolo Coffee Accessories, Bombora Coffee and Water Supplies, Wild Timor Coffee

Look for us @ Fine Food Sydney  & Golden Bean 2017


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