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April 2, 2015

Compak Golden Bean Roasters Cup

Compak Golden Bean Roasters Cup sponsored by Coffee Roasters Australia

A new initiative to Café Biz expo this year is the Compak Golden Bean Roaster Cup. Taking place over the two days of Café Biz, Day 1 will see participants roasting the same green coffee to then be cupped and judged on Day 2.

With Anne Cooper as head judge and coordinator, this competition is set to challenge the intermediate to experienced roasters in roasting a particular origin of green bean provided. With the green bean type and specs not disclosed until Day 1, participants will have to muster all their knowledge and skills to roast the nominated green bean in order to portray its optimum flavour characteristics. Participants will submit one roast from the three roasted samples allowed in the 45 minute time frame.

During the roasting a manual data logging sheet will be completed and presented with their philosophy and reasoning as to why they roasted the origin to that particular profile.

Day 2 of the competition will consist of rounds of peer judging by cupping the roasts submitted and identifying the four best roasts. To then determine the best overall roast of the nominated coffee, the top four roasts will move on to a finals round to be judged by a panel of specialist judges – including Anne Cooper, Andy Freeman and Mark Beattie

The winner will receive 2 delegate tickets to the Compak Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition and Conference in November 2015 valued at $1,500 and will featured in Café Culture Magazine.

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Head Judge and Coordinator

coopsAnne Cooper


With over 23 years working in the Coffee Industry, Anne has gained experience in many areas of the industry – as Barista, Café Owner/Manager, National Trainer & Assessor, to Head Roaster & Roasting Production Manager – from a grass roots level through to a national and international corporate level.

Anne has also competed in, won and judged State and National Barista, Cup Tasting and Roasting competitions in both Australia (ASCA) and the USA (NERBC & USBC).

After completing the SCAA Cupping Judge & Q Graders Certification, Anne gained valuable industry experience working in the USA as Head Roaster for Specialty Coffee Company Dallis Bros Coffee in New York City and also judged as a member of the International Jury for Cup of Excellence in Brazil.

Upon returning to Australia, Anne was Head Roaster at Proud Mary Coffee and then Axil Coffee Roasters in Melbourne.

She also took on the role as Head Judge for the Golden Bean Roasting Competition – the largest roasting competition in the southern hemisphere and a competition that she has also won twice.

Anne’s prolific coffee career has allowed her to develop extensive skills and knowledge with a wide range of roasting machines (from Petroncini commodity roasters to Specialty Probat roasters), various roasting techniques and industry relevant processes and protocols.

Now working independently, Anne continues to impart her vast knowledge and specialty skills training and consulting within the Australian and USA coffee industry.


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