July 7, 2017

Boema Chocolate

p. (02) 9756 4744

Boema is proudly the only Australian distributor of Ghirardelli Professional range of products. With 200 years experience in the chocolate business, Ghirardelli are experts, and that’s why Boema has brought the premium indulgence experience to Australia, from San Francisco .

The Ghirardelli offers a range of decadent chocolate and caramel sauces, flavorsome frappes and rich cocoa and white chocolate powders, all providing a delicious addition to any dessert or beverage.

There’s a product in the Ghirardelli range to suit every need, from drinking to baking, dusting to decorating.

Taste the Ghirardelli difference, because you deserve indulgence, and we’re happy to deliver it. Contact us today to arrange a sample for your business.

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