March 25, 2014

Bespoke Industry Insight Tours

A new and unique opportunity is now available to the food industry with Passageway. Passageway is Australia’s only dedicated food industry travel service, committed to creating tailored market research opportunities and experiences, capable of delivering meaningful commercial outcomes for its clients and their businesses.
Through their extensive national and international networks of leading food industry, manufacturers, product developers, retailers and equipment suppliers, Passageway can custom-design an itinerary focused on fulfilling your specific objectives by facilitating unique behind-the-scenes access to industry professionals, production facilities, retail outlets and events, previously considered out-of-reach.
Each itinerary is personally created by the Founder of Passageway, Mel Sharpe. Mel is a highly-acclaimed and successful food industry professional, having built a reputation as a leading event manager and organiser of dynamic and effective food and beverage research tours throughout Australia, the USA and the UK.
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