August 19, 2012

Coffee Selectors

A  brand new coffee club has had a great start in business after its launch at this year’s AromaFest   in Sydney. Coffee Selectors was born when Director Matt Kearns noticed a gap in the market for easily accessible, freshly roasted coffee for home coffee drinkers.

“After sampling many amazing Australian roasted blends in our travels, we realised how many delicious boutique roasters were being missed by home coffee drinkers in favour of the easier supermarket options.”

Keen on promoting the merits of freshly roasted coffee and always wanting to support Australian small businesses, a coffee version of a wine club was created.

Matt says, “We are not loyal to one brand or company, but loyal to the product of freshly roasted coffee. We want people to see our branding and think ‘freshly roasted coffee by Aussie roasters’.” Coffee Selectors offers subscribers a different boutique Australian roasted coffee each month, delivered straight to their door. There is also the option to purchase more of a favourite blend directly from their website. They offer a variety of purchase options with no contracts, including gift packages. Now there is no excuse for not drinking freshly roasted coffee at home.

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