May 2, 2013

Crop Del Monte – From the mountains of Colombia

Crop Del Monte Specialty Coffee Traders is based in Brisbane and was founded by Andres F. Rodriguez an Agricultural Engineer who grew up in the Coffee Triangle of Colombia and who spent part of his childhood learning about coffee at his father’s farm. Today, CROP DEL MONTE wants to create close relationships between small coffee growers and specialty coffee roasters in order to develop a genuine product in Australia, which will come from the mountains of Colombia straight to their business.

“Our single origins of green coffee beans are completely traceable and have been personally sourced at origin,” says Andres. “And, a generous premium goes to the farmers making sure they are the first ones of the supply chain who benefit from their extra effort”.

Currently they have three single origins on offer. One micro lot – Late Harvest (LH) from Planadas-Tolima. One micro lot-Supremo from Bilbao-Tolima and one lot from Inza-Cauca. These coffees went through a strict selection and for this reason its amounts are limited.


CROP DEL MONTE can be contacted by

email:   Twitter: @cropdelmonte.

Facebook: /cropdelmonte.foods   Website:

Phone: (+61) 0431135310

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