December 14, 2014

Darwin Barista’s Association

With the rising coffee culture and cafés in Darwin, Christos Panos from Café Del’ Art and a few other passionate baristas thought it was time to set up a Facebook group called the Darwin Barista’s Association. This group is dedicated to inspiring excellence in coffee brewing across the Northern Territory, bringing all coffee lovers, be it amateurs or professionals, together in the spirit of sharing information, skills and fun times.
“We have organised an informal Barista Jam recently, and the turnout was unexpectedly good. We aim to bring all the coffee enthusiasts together through more Latte Art Smackdown events for a friendly competition,” say the group administrators.
The traction for this group has been very positive, as people start to use this platform to exchange knowledge, showcase their latte art, discuss anything coffee, and even use it for recruitment.
To get involved, you can find them on Facebook: Darwin Barista’s Association.

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