August 19, 2012

Di Bella Coffee Takes Plunge in India

Australian coffee entrepreneur Phillip Di Bella has taken the plunge in India, rolling out his first seven retail outlets, with a string of cafés to follow in the world’s second-most populous nation.

Phillip Di Bella said the new venture is very exciting, as Di Bella Coffee will be targeting a gap in the Indian market.

“Di Bella Cafés will be mostly located in an untapped area in the Indian coffee market, such as Mumbai’s malls, high-end streets, and in corporate offices,” he said.

Di Bella Cafés will also be the first café chain in India to feature an iPad on every table, enabling customers to read the menu and place their orders from where they are sitting.

These iPads will also feature free Wi-Fi with access to email and Facebook interactivity, providing customers with one-of-a-kind coffee service and placing Di Bella Coffee at the forefront of the café market.

“While India is predominantly a tea drinking nation, the younger generations who have studied overseas have grown to love the global coffee culture,” Phillip said.

“As a result, coffee retailing is a growing segment in India and a coffee nation is beginning to emerge. I plan on turning this growing passion for coffee into a Café Nation.”

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