December 4, 2013

Dramanti Dress up for Charity

Dragan Sestic and his team at Dramanti Coffee Roasters dressed up recently and all for a good cause … that’s if they really needed a reason. The charity in this case was Still I Rise, a 100% not-for-profit charity, funding counselling and physical therapy services for Australians affected by cancer.
Dragan found out about the charity through his son’s basketball team when their coach, Daniel George, a cancer survivor, had spoken to the team about some ideas for fundraising. It was, however, Dragan who approached Daniel with the idea of dressing his staff in drag and selling coffee, with proceeds going towards the charity.
Daniel George is the Founder of Still I Rise; he has had his own battle with cancer and the particular challenges he faced led him to an insight that was to be the catalyst for the foundation of the charity. Dan felt incredibly fortunate to have access to world class medicine, with the team of doctors and nurses providing every opportunity for a positive outcome.
However, there was a lack of non-medical support both during treatment and once he overcame the disease. The limited support he was fortunate enough to find was so beneficial, that he has partnered with a group of amazing people whose sole goal is to help others have access to a similar support network.
Little did Daniel know that his charity would lead him into such areas as dressing up in drag. As they say … all for a good cause!

For more information about Still I Rise, go to:

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