June 8, 2012

Internet Time by Hot Zone

Hot Zone have introduced a wireless internet system which provides time managed internet access to the public for the low cost of a cup of coffee per day.

In many cases, businesses that have previously offered free wi-fi have decided to remove the access due to freeloaders taking up valuable seating at prime times in their café. With the Hot Zone system, the business owner now has control over how long each customer has internet access, with the click of a button, allowing them to shorten connection times in peak periods and lengthen it in off peak times.

How does Hot Zone work? Hot Zone works by connecting into the existing internet and with the push of a button from café staff, Hot Zone will print a set of instructions directing your client how to connect to the internet and giving them access to your internet service for a pre-programmed amount of time.

In addition, the system provides café owners with a burglar alarm feature. The built-in alarm system can take additional detectors and panic buttons to protect owner’s premises.

Other benefits include the ability to add customised messages on Hot Zone tickets and a preset login home page for promotional purposes.

To find out more details, visit their website w. or t. (02) 9212 1888.

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