August 19, 2012

Jammin’ Da House 2012 – Round 2

Jammin’ Da House is ONA Coffee’s own latte art smackdown, designed to encourage baristas to enjoy competing without all the official rules of competition and involve the Canberra community in the appreciation of specialty coffee. However, more than this, the events are to raise money for the communities of ONA Coffee’s direct trade relationships. This particular Jam was for the children of Thalanar Estate, India. Held at a café venue, Jammin’ Da House is a night of fundraising, awareness, latte art, booze, food and glory.

Round 2 of the 2012 Jammin’ Da House was held at ONA Coffee’s small urban café in Manuka. With around 120 people jammin’ through the doors, baristas from around Canberra and Australia came along to show off their skills. In a head-to-head knock out, Sam Corra smashed his way through to the final and eventually won with a perfect tulip swan pattern. With 16 competitors, the standard was impressively high, with some new patterns we have never seen before.

On the side there was an Aeropress competition, to see who is ruling the filter world. The young Lincoln Fairleigh showed Lava Espresso’s dominance in this area, winning over the crowd’s taste buds.

The grand final will be later in the year, so listen out for dates!

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