March 25, 2014

Ltd Espresso – World #1 on Beanhunter

Late last year Beanhunter released the top cafés for a variety of cities and regions around the world, including Melbourne, Sydney, New York and London. They then thought it would be cool to list the world’s top cafés, and see how a café in one city/region ranked against a café from another city/region.
To the surprise of Luke Shilling and his team at Ltd Espresso in Brisbane, they came up as number one in the world!
Luke says, “We were so humbled and honoured to take out the top spot for 2013. It was an amazing year, and this wouldn’t have been possible without all who have contributed. If anything, this award goes to our customers.”
Luke is a perfectionist when it comes to coffee, and his passion is still obvious after many years in the industry. With his quirky sense of humour and ability to foster wholehearted relationships with his customers and staff, Ltd Espresso deserves their success.
It should be noted that the world list wasn’t just a combination of the cafés that were published in the city/region list, but rather it included any café from around the world. Beanhunter used the same ranking algorithm that was used to generate the top cafés lists. This means that they took into account reviews, page views, photos, favourites, user credibility and much more to generate this.
The final lists published can be found at

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