November 29, 2012

Melitta C-35 Revealed at Golden Bean

With many of the country’s coffee roasters in one room at the 2012 Golden Bean, the guys from Global Coffee Solutions (GCS) took the opportunity to reveal their newest coffee machine to the market, the Melitta C-35.

To best test the machine and the reaction from the roasters, GCS used beans from last year’s Golden Bean winner Dimattina Coffee and served coffees on demand from the machine, which was hidden out of view.

After gauging comments from the coffee drinkers, the machine was revealed to all. To the surprise of some, it was revealed that their coffee was actually made by an automatic machine – proving to the purists amongst us that super-automatic machines can be amazing.

The C-35 is the latest in super-automatic machines by Melitta. It enables you to serve customised coffees such as espressos, ristrettos, piccolo lattes, caffe lattes, macchiatos or even decaffeinated skim milk coffees, all at the touch of a button. The touch-screen colour display can be configured precisely to your individual requirements. The C-35 is HACCAP approved, featuring a powerful, high precision grinder with a long service life (up to 80,000 grindings) and can deliver up to 200 cups per hour, which means that even during peak periods your coffee orders are served quickly and efficiently.

For more information, contact Global Coffee Solutions on T. 1300 552 883 or
M. Vince Monardo 0438 846 049 or E.

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