December 4, 2013

Nitrogen Charged Cold Brew

Melbourne First – NBHD Neanderthal Delivers Nitrogen-charged Cold Brew Coffee on tap!

Combining a nitrogen-powered beer tap, craft coffee and third wave principles, brothers Dax and Nicholas Byrne have created a first for Melbourne at South Yarra’s NBHD Neanderthal, cold brew coffee “on tap”. Aiming to change Melbourne’s perception of cold brew coffee, the NBHD Neanderthal team has been hard at work developing their unique flagship product, the “Nitro Cold Brew”. Bucking the more typical third wave coffee trends, including pour-over, syphon and cold-drip, the “Nitro Cold Brew” brings together coffee, science and friends.
According to the team, they had heard about a cold brew concept at Stumptown Coffee in the US; however, the spark of inspiration for the NBHD Neanderthal “Nitro Cold Brew” came during a late night out at a local tavern. After watching a bartender quickly and efficiently pouring cold amber liquid from a frozen beer tap, Dax and Nicholas questioned, “…why not?” With an inquisitive approach and a dream of making traditional coffee brewing more accessible, the team has gradually developed an innovative technique to serve artisanal coffee fast, cold and strong. Blasting cold brew with nitrogen through hardware and equipment more commonly reserved for draught beer, NBHD Neanderthal have reinvented coffee for summer.
“Nitro Cold Brew” was unveiled in late September at NBHD Neanderthal and is now available on tap for all to enjoy. The Byrne brothers invite all coffee enthusiasts to pay their South Yarra neighbourhood café a visit and to share in the beginning of the next wave of Melbourne’s coffee culture.

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