June 8, 2012

Pepper Tree Roastery

Pepper Tree Wines have commenced building a Coffee House on site at their winery, to be called Contango Espresso-Roasters. Continuing the passion that is shared for terrior at Pepper Tree Wines instilled by the owner, Geologist John Davis, the group believe that coffee beans are similar to wine grapes, in that the flavour components are influenced by their growing region.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Tristan Jones, comments that: “Much like our wines, we would like to expand our portfolio to include roasting and showcasing single origin coffee onsite. Our aim is to focus on single origin coffee with limited food. Our intention is not to rival any established coffee brands, but to create a unique service in the Hunter Valley that can complement our existing setup (winery) onsite.”

Contango Espresso-Roasters will carry on the “handcraft” philosophy of the winery. Customers will have the opportunity to select from beans of their choice from different origins, to which head barista, Mark Coster, will endeavour to express the flavour components of each variety through every cup.

Expected opening: end June 2012. For more information, t. (02) 4909 7100 or contact Pepper Tree Winery, 86 Halls Road, Pokolbin.

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