August 19, 2012

Plantation Owners Deliver Quality Green Bean

Mount Hagen is the third largest city in Papau New Guinea, named after the volcano on which she sits. At an elevation of over 5,000 ft above sea level, Carpenter Estates owns the largest coffee and tea plantations in Papua New Guinea.

Carpenter Products are international traders of high quality green bean coffee delivered to Australian and New Zealand Roasters. The plantation enjoys a cool climate and bountiful rainfall – the ideal environment for growing Arabica coffee.

All plantings originated from the Jamaican Blue Mountain region and are grown organically. Their coffee concentrates on the Typica variety, which produces a finer coffee than other Arabica in Papua New Guinea.

From handpicked coffee cherries through to the final hand sort before packing, all growing and processing practices follow a system to provide the highest standards and quality at every stage. They offer a variety of coffee from Sigri, Kindeng and Bunum Wo in various grades – plantation grade AA, grade A and grade B.

Because of the fact that Carpenter Products owns the plantations, they are able to maintain the necessary quality, consistency and reliability of their products supplied to the Australian and New Zealand markets all year round, and it shows.

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