February 1, 2015

SILK Soy on trend

Procal Dairies’ recent launch of SILK Soy into the Australian market, has benefited from the trend which has led to an increase in the popularity of plant based beverages such as soy.

As the coffee industry continues to develop lighter roasts in order to preserve the flavour of the beans, and the natural acids in the coffee, with the addition of heated Soy milk, very often results in curdling the brew. SILK Soy has been created to compliment Australian coffee in terms of taste, mouth feel and the ability to stretch, froth  and  create latte art without masking the taste of the coffee, and still giving visual appeal. It will  not split or curdle.

Procal has always been the leading specialty baristas choice, as all our milk products have been formulated in conjunction with the needs and demands of the cafe  industry.  SILK Soy is targeted towards health conscious consumers, choosing to switch from dairy to non dairy alternatives, yet still expecting a quality product which performs like milk, compliments coffee, chai and chilled beverages in terms of taste and consistency.

Soy milk has become popular amongst consumers, primarily due to its high nutritional content and the increased desire for plant based alternatives. Soy milk leads the plant based beverage trend due to it being rich in protein, iron and calcium, and low in cholesterol and fat.

SILK Soy is made from whole soy beans, which have been crushed and have had the indigestible fibrous portions removed.   The whole bean process preserves not only the protein, but also other important components including essential fatty acids and fibre. Other Soy milk’s which have been made from soy protein isolate are highly processed, made by chemically  extracting the protein from the bean, then reconstituting the isolated protein with water and other additives.

The benefits of SILK also include: it is natural, dairy free, lactose free, cholesterol free, gluten free, made from GMO free soy beans.

SILK has led the way in plant based beverages around the world and it is now enjoying a growing, following in the Australian market.  Try SILK today and you wont be disappointed.

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