July 16, 2014

Soy Milk Formula for the Professional Barista

Procal Dairies launched the much anticipated SILK soy milk for baristas at the recent Melbourne International Coffee Expo. The response was overwhelming from the baristas, roasters and café patrons.  Procal identified a gap in the market for a high performance soy milk which provided a creamy, flavour balanced coffee.

Market trends confirm the continued increase for demand of plant based beverages in cafés. Procal has taken up the challenge to bring to the market a soy milk which will work for the high calibre café coffees, as expected from today’s coffee consumers who know what they want from their coffee.

Procal’s Silk soy, which has been especially formulated for the professional barista, is made in Belgium under the Silk brand, which is the leading specialty soy milk brand in the USA. Silk soy does not override subtle coffee flavours and does not split when heated, unlike a number of products currently on the market.

Procal has always been the leading specialty barista’s choice and has been an innovator in the space, by continually adding new products to their range to service the café industry in response to demands and feedback received from within the industry.

In addition to the new Silk soy, Procal has also recently launched the new full cream and light lactose free milk range to their offering.
More information can be obtained from or by calling 1300 776 225.


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