August 19, 2012

The Great Australian Sandwichship

The Great Australian Sandwichship was created in 2010 to showcase Australia’s finest and most innovative sandwich makers – and to celebrate the heroes of our lunchtime! The core objective of the competition is to create an easily accessible nationwide benchmark for Australia’s sandwich foodservice industry, from which business owners, managers and staff can be inspired and learn what can be achieved in their business through an innovative approach to sandwiches.

The Great Australian Sandwichship Northern Final was held earlier this year in Brisbane and saw the top three competitors, Mall Gill from Lady Marmalade, Frazer Henderson from Ponycat and Melissa Davey from the Novotel Twin Waters, make it through to the National Final.

The Southern Final was recently held at the Lunch! Show in August, and the three with the top scores – Laura Neville, Jackie Middleton and Ellyn Tse – will now go on to compete at the National Final.

The Great Australian Sandwichship National Final will see these competitors from the Northern and Southern Finals come together to battle it out for the Australian title. Competing across four categories: Wrap, Toasted, Speciality and Lunch Roll, contestants will need to wow the judges, who will be marking on presentation, innovation, commercial viability, taste and their explanation of the entry.

The ultimate winner and Australian Sandwichship Champion will be the competitor who achieves the highest total point score on the day, which earns them not only the title, but a place on the Sandwich Association’s 2013 International Sandwich Safari.

The Great Australian Sandwichship National Final will take place at Fine Food Australia in Melbourne on 11th September.

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