October 26, 2014

The Singing Barista

James Park possesses one of those extraordinary voices that invoke powerful human emotions. He is the owner of Groove Café, situated in the southern Gold Coast town of Tugun, a hidden treasure of the Gold Coast’s rising cultural music scene. The locals all know James as the Singing Barista, and his love of singing and coffee combine to bring punters a special experience as he regularly belts out Italian opera such as Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, di Capua’s O Sole Mio or one of the many arias from the music that he loves so much.

James says he has always loved Italian opera and Neapolitan Italian music; however, he didn’t know that he could sing until he started learning just a few years ago. He would listen to Pavarotti at home and thought it would be great to achieve that same vocal mastery. He took lessons, and the singing barista evolved from there.

James and the team at Groove Café are open for breakfast and lunch each day plus dinner show experiences on regular Saturday evenings throughout the year. They currently have a new season running titled “Neapolitan Serenade” running through August and September and early October 2014.

Accompanied by veteran piano accordionist David Davis, who punctuates the evening with some wonderful accordion solos, James sings pieces from the Italian Tenor classics such as O Sole Mio, Volare and Santa Lucia to the great songs from stage and theatre and is also joined on occasion by talented pianist Dorelle Markey.

Performed in the intimate Bohemian atmosphere of Groove Café, the two hours of entertainment is supplemented by a delicious three course menu created by chef Dominic Smeal.

This is an evening not to be missed when visiting the Gold Coast.

For more information and bookings:
T. Groove Cafe 07 5534 1190

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