July 31, 2013

Zero Japan – Stamp of Quality

Over 20 years ago, Koji Inoue was working at a Japanese porcelain manufacturer when he first thought of creating his own range of teapots. He longed to express his creativity, blending beautiful and functional design with rich tradition. The idea grew so compelling, that Koji quit his job to pursue creating what is now known as Zero Japan.

Zero Japan teapots feature a durable, stainless steel clip-on lid, which allows the pot to be easily used with one hand. While it’s beautiful, it was designed because Koji’s mother had broken her porcelain teapot lid and a replacement couldn’t be found. From this problem, Koji designed and developed the stainless steel lid.

Koji worked hard building up his company, originally called Beehouse, perfecting his designs and producing an amazing array of colours and finishes; however, poorly made, mass produced copies of his designs started to infiltrate the market, some even cheekily called Beehouse.

Disappointed but not beaten, Koji decided to start from Zero, from scratch, and so renamed his company and brand Zero Japan.

Now, with new teapots bearing the brand stamp Zero Japan on the high quality stainless steel lid, and each porcelain teapot bottom branded Zero Japan, it’s easy to recognise the undisputed commercial industry leader in teaware.

Today, Koji still spends his day creating new designs and colours and personally checks each teapot for a flawless finish before firing.

You can view Koji’s latest designs and colours at


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