July 18, 2014

All-in-one Pullman Tamping Station

Have you heard about the new all-in-one Pullman Tamping Station?
It’s the busy Baristas new best friend! Everything you need to make 1 or 100 coffees in a compact benchtop format. Designed to keep your barista tools in immaculate condition and get the perfect tamp every time.


  • A Portafilter pocket keeping the spout suspended and group head positioned in place when tamping.
  • Cleaning brushes for excess coffee grounds. Swish the tamper through them before returning it to the safe hanging position.
  • A rubber reinforced holder to keep your tamper in pristine condition and off the bench.
  • Made from stainless steel and anodised aluminium for easy cleaning and neoprene rubber feet to avoid slippage. It’s all been thought of so you don’t have to!

Match your coffee machine, tamper or group handle with a Pullman Tamping Station today. Find your perfect colour on
Available in the same colour range as the Barista Aluminium Handle including black, blue, gold, pink, bronze, green, orange, red, silver and purple.


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