October 20, 2014

Almond Breeze Barista Blend

Blue Diamond, the parent company of Almond Breeze, has unveiled Australia’s first almond milk specially formulated for baristas – with the support of Australian baristas. “Almond Breeze Barista Blend” is designed to work just like milk and other non-dairy alternatives, helping cafés tap into the rising consumer preference for almond milk. The product is set to take specialty cafés across Australia by storm, as baristas will now be able to deliver great tasting – and great looking – almond milk coffees to their customers. With all the important health properties, including being lactose free, low GI and low in calories and fat, “Almond Breeze Barista Blend” complements the taste of coffee and produces a rich creamy froth to sit atop lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites!
For more information or to order the product today, please call:
T. 1800 646 231

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