September 8, 2014

Create the perfect espresso with Crema Pro

To make the perfect espresso, you need the best tools. Crema Pro offers a range of premium quality, durable and stylish espresso machine accessories for baristas and passionate coffee lovers. Our tampers have a solid 304 stainless steel base to provide a sturdy feel when tamping, while the uniquely designed Cobra tamper features an ergonomic curved shaft, which manipulates weight distribution from the user to ensure a perfect, even tamp. Along with tamper mats, knock bins, cocoa shakers, coffee thermometers and group head brushes, all your accessory needs are covered.
Available in a range of classic colours, Crema Pro is the perfect choice to deliver delicious tasting coffee to your customers, every time.
Contact Crema Pro
T. 1800 990 990


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