March 25, 2014

EM0700 Precision Grinder

Sunbeam Café Series

The team at Sunbeam has pushed the limits again in designing a home grinder that ticks all the boxes. This exceptional grinder is a perfect edition to any home coffee brewing system, even good enough for an office or restaurant.
The grinder features conical burrs giving good consistent and stable grinding. It is solidly built with a small footprint. It has a grind on demand switch as well as a group handle switch. The group handle actually holds in the guide mechanism stopping over spill and uneven ground coffee delivery. The new and improved larger bean hopper has a good sealing lid and is great for fresh bean storage.
The overall look is impressive with more stainless steel being used, which gives this machine a commercial look and for $299 its very good value.
Now available through select electrical retail suppliers that stock Sunbeam products.

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