December 15, 2014

Introducing the Espro Travel Press

The team at Espro have been at it again, reinventing their hugely successful Espro Press into a travel version, the Travel Press. Only in its early stages of release, the Travel Press is effectively a multi brewer on the run, allowing you to brew three different ways.
1. Press coffee without the grit. French Press lovers get Espro’s third generation ESPRO Press double micro-filters. They filter coffee twice, with filters 9 and 12 times finer than a common French Press. And once pressed down, they block extraction, so the last sip tastes like the first. They have also introduced a brand new twist-lock system that makes the separation and assembly of the two micro-filters easier than ever.
2. Pour over coffee made easy. Slip in a paper filter for an even cleaner cup that can only be delivered with a paper filter and bulky equipment. Espro’s aim was to be able to make that same cup on the go, so they invented an all new brew method we call paper filter pressed coffee. A disposable paper filter is inserted in the ESPRO micro-filter. It absorbs oils for the cleanest cup and packs into the space of an ultralight Travel Press.
3. Tea lovers haven’t been forgotten. With the first of its kind, Espro has developed a full immersion brewing with two-stage micro-filtration that automatically stops extraction once pressed. Extraction is completely blocked when the gaps in the primary filter automatically close as you press your tea. This invention eliminates the continued extraction common to tea-making in most travel-tea-makers and French Press brewers. The micro-filters are 12-times finer than typically found in tea brewers. For you, it means better extraction, fewer parts to clean, and no more leaves in your teeth!
To get their amazing product up and running, Espro are running a Kick Start campaign and need your pledge, offering introductory pricing for those who help out
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