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April 29, 2016

Milkadamia is waiting to be discovered

Designed for baristas to make amazing non-dairy milk coffee & chai. Milkadamia is created from Australian macadamias grown on our farms in the NSW Hinterland just near Byron Bay. Unlike many other non-dairy alternatives Milkadamia has a velvety creamy texture just like real milk, foams beautifully & can withstand high heating temperatures meaning less waste. Made from raw, not roasted, premium quality macadamias, Milkadamia retains the natural richness & goodness of the oil contained in the kernel, delivering a subtle unique flavour that embraces your coffee. You can also be a little creative & try some latte art!
Discover & share Milkadamia today. A premium dairy free, gluten free, and GMO free, milk that your customers will value.

CONTACT Milkdamia

T: (02) 9847 4955
Facebook: milkadamia – aus
Instagram: milkadamiaau

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