June 28, 2017

Moobar Café Milk System

The Moobar café is the latest café milk system collaboration between Barista Technology and Andale, Australia’s most reputed beverage dispensing company.

We designed Moobar for simplicity and profitability for café owners who understand the importance of consistency and profitability.

Key benefits are:
• Saves up 30% in productivity vs using milk bottles
• Perfect dosing for up to five jug sizes means zero waste
• Labour saving feature of weekly cleaning vs daily cleaning
• Two milks from one tap (Perfect for tight spaces)
• Custom colour taps
• Retrofit to existing under counter fridges
• Built in jug rinser

*For more information on our free offer contact Barista Technology Australia

Contact Barista Technology Australia
T. 1300 582 443  E. W.

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