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March 19, 2015

No one has to miss out on the sweetness!

Café Biz welcome Bare Bite, exhibiting their raw food treats to the café industry at STAND 44.
Home to Bare Bite is The Farm at Byron Bay, where they work alongside some of the best local producers with some of the finest products in the world, and we are hooked on their healthy sweet treats.

No one has to miss out on the sweetness, in a world of health conscious consumers and sufferers of allergies, all of Bare Bite ingredients are • Gluten Free • Paleo • Raw • Sugar Free • Dairy Free • Vegan

Bare Bite was born simply as a result of the need for good quality natural, healthy organic sweet treats. Treats that respond to the ever growing needs of everyday people who care about what is going into their mouth but still want to feel that they have indulged.

Known as Mumma Bare, Sam Tinsley is the brain behind Bare Bite. Sam not only brings 25 years of experience in the food service industry, working with health conscious brands throughout her career, she champions natural, positive and health orientated values. She also is passionate for all things organic and a great supporter of the local farming community.

Many of her values have been born from her son Lachlan’s 15 year battle with multiple food intolerances which he has suffered since birth.

With all that drive, experience, charm and beauty that Sam has, she couldn’t do it alone. Along for the ride is Sam Gowing, another beautiful woman who’s CV excels. She is a Clinical Nutritionist Executive Chef, keynote speaker and wellness authority. Sam holds a diploma of health science, nutrition and is a member of the Traditional Medicine Society.

The two Sams offer a winning combination of creating Bare Bite Treats that not only look and taste good but live up to the nutritional values that are demanded.

The last ingredient in the team who can’t be ignored is the artistic Ben Flowerday, a free spirit and Type 1 diabetic. Ben has experience working with health spa, award winning restaurant and vineyard. His training with William Angliss Institute is invaluable but after graduating he left for Japan where he was exposed to new ingredient and new techniques. Bare Bite rely on his extensive skills and experience to oversee the process throughout the kitchens.

Bare Bite is the answer to the everyday café’s need for a food offering to compliment the beverage menu. And in this day and age of your conscientious consumer Bare Bite ticks all the boxes.

t. 0428 889 435

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