September 8, 2014

Rocket Cold Press

The new Rocket Cold Press from Silipo Coffee Roasters is produced using the cold press coffee method and a formula that has taken six months to perfect, to create a brew especially for this style of coffee. Consisting of three specialty grade coffee beans roasted and blended to the right ratios, the blend is immersed for 20 hours prior to pressing. The coffee is then balanced with the exact portion of milk and a touch of sweetner before bottling. Our sweetener is a sugar reduction made by Rocket Cold Press from high quality sugar, and the milk used is specially ordered for each batch to ensure maximum flavour and longevity. Rocket is a milk based product and must be kept under 4 degrees celsius at all times and is best with a quick shake and consumed iced cold.

For more information contact Rocket Cold Press Coffee
T. (07) 55 280 613
M. 0414 630 030


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