August 13, 2014

2 Day Roasters Development Program

This 2 day course with Master Roaster Brendan Baxter is designed to develop and enhance knowledge and technical skill of the roaster in all areas of roaster operations. Keep ahead of the current and future market trends and demands whilst maintaining an qualitative approach to international standards in roasting coffee. Brendan is a qualified Q Grader with 15 years experience in the coffee industry.

Location: Typika Artisan Roasters
331 Stirling Hwy, Claremont, Perth WA 6010
Date: 10th – 11th September 2014
Time: 8.30am – 4.00pm
Course Cost: $2,950 +gst per participant

Limited spaces available

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Key course components:
•    Harvesting/Drying
•    Storage/Aging
•    Roasting
•    Staling (after roasting)
•    Brewing
•    Solutions testing
•    Olfactory – classifying aromatic compounds according to source
•    Retro nasal aroma
•    Aromatic Profiles
•    Coffee taste sensations
•    Green bean procurement
•    Roaster Operations
•    Temperature Control
•    Roasting Logs
•    Density Measurements
•    Method of Heat transfer (conductive, radiation and convection)
•    Endothermic and Exothermic reaction
•    Density and Roasting Loss
•    Maillard Reaction
•    Strecker Degradation
•    First Crack & Second Crack
•    Fire Risk and Safety Procedures
•    Preventative Maintenance
•    Airflow Control
•    Drum Speed Control
•    Slow & fast ramping of temperature and effects on volume, acidity, body, bitterness & soluble solids
•    Moisture Content of Green Coffee
•    Concepts of Blending and Single Origin Roasting
•    Green Blending and Post Roast Blending
•    Development times and percentages
•    Roast profiling and cupping
•    Cupping our results

BIO:  Brendan Baxter
Brendan Baxter has worked in the coffee industry for about 15 years. He started working as a barista while at University and has worked his way up the ladder from coffee machine, to roaster, to green bean operations manager for large commercial companies. After a number of years abroad running coffee plantations, trading and exporting, Brendan returned to Australia and saw the difficulties boutique and smaller roasters had dealing with the larger coffee merchants. With this in mind, and the gap in the market of traceable and sustainable green bean, Brendan started BeanGreen and the Beanery. His relationships with growers and exporters already in place, he started importing green bean in 2010. Brendan is a qualified Q Grader (or certified coffee cupper or taster) and has travelled extensively to growing regions in Central and South America and East Africa for coffee cupping events like the Cup of Excellence. BeanGreen now has ties with growers in nearly all countries in the coffee growing world and exports their coffee every season. These established relationships with the growers are now flourishing and BeanGreen’s customers are reaping the benefits not only in the raw product but also the roasting consultion Brendan specialises in.


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