March 12, 2015

Banoffee Pie Frappe

The Dessert Beverage trend

Desserts have been enjoyed as a sweet treat after a meal for as long as any sweet tooth can remember. While most dessert recipes are enjoyed with a fork or spoon, new dessert beverages are making their way onto the menu. Dessert drinks have infused the creativity and flavour of the most popular desserts into drinkable form. The Art of Blend Velvet Dairy Frappe base, with its classic balance of dairy ingredients and a subtle touch of vanilla, serves as the perfect starting base for dessert beverages. Our frappe base paired together with dinner guests favourite desserts and flavours such as cookies and cream, strawberries and cream and banoffee offer an entertaining yet delectable alternative to an otherwise classic dessert and have them craving another serving.

Banoffee Pie Frappe


1 cup Ice Cubes
½ cup Cold Water
80g Velvet Dairy Frappe Base
½ cup Crushed Biscuit
1 Banana
Toffee Topping Sauce
Whipped Cream


Fill cup with ice cubes, add water and pour into blender. Add 2 scoops (80g) The Art of Blend Velvet Dairy Frappe Base, crushed biscuit, banana and blend on high for 30seconds* or until smooth. Decorate with whipped cream and drizzle toffee topping sauce.

*Blender times may vary depending on blender used.

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