December 10, 2015

Cafe Fact of the Week: Alcohol

Did you know that one in five Australian Café’s are fully licensed to sell alcohol?

Thank you to the +800 cafés included into this year’s annual “State Of the Café Industry Report”. We can now have real café benchmarks and thus café owners, coffee roasters and the café suppliers can best set benchmarks in some café’s being higher than the average café above and those below.
These and many other vital industry benchmark questions have been completed and are now available. It may interest you to also know that the average Café Alcohol sales are just over $36,000 per annual ( PA ) and growing. Over half of all Australian Café’s trade less than $20,000 PA and this has a real opportunity to expand and grow in 2016.



KEY INSIGHTS AND CAFE TRENDS FOR 2015 – Are now available

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This is the ultimate Café Industry OOH coffee market report that will greatly assist you to better understand the important growth factors that shape this vital café market.  Ideal for marketing and brand managers, sales managers and their sales staff, manufacturers and importers, green bean suppliers, beverage and snack food companies, fresh food and wholesalers, service providers and small business insurers just to name a few.
Available as a summary or a full and comprehensive report.
We will be publishing the top line results in Café Culture magazine and our “Café Fact Of The Week” eNews letters over the coming year – so please stay tuned for more updates shortly.
For more details please contact or mobile 0423200206

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