March 12, 2015

CafeSmart 2015

Coffee Roasters and industry suppliers encouraged to join the team

Annual charity event CafeSmart unites the coffee industry to help people who are homeless. The 2015 event will take place on the 7th August and we are encouraging coffee roasters and potential sponsors to hop on board early and help build the events impact.

The initiative, from charity StreetSmart, raises money for grassroots homeless services, from consumers’ daily caffeine hit.   One dollar of every coffee sold on the day will be donated by participating cafes to fund local projects. The simple message is ‘Drink Coffee Do Good.’

In 2014, 21 Coffee Roasters partnered with StreetSmart to donate beans and support their wholesale customers. Together with 415 cafes they raised $120,000. 100% of these funds went to fund 91 community projects. Roasters such as Campos, Allpress, Five Senses, Toby’s, DiBella, Single Origin have all helped build the event and are key supporters. Smaller micro roasters have also played a part.

Sydney North Shore café and micro-roastery, Bay Coffee, are taking part again in 2015 and owner David Rosa explained why he supports the event. “We’re supporting as a cafe and roaster, so some of the cafes that use our coffee are doing it too and we’re giving them free coffee to do that,” David also revealed his reasons for his passionate support for the cause. “One of my friends has a mental illness and when he’s unwell he hits the streets. I help to go out and look for him. With mental illness it’s a bit of a sleeping giant that no one wants to know about. StreetSmart is very hands on and the funds stay local supporting grass roots organisations and services.”

To find out more about this years event and the role that Coffee Roasters and sponsors can play check out the website or contact CEO Adam Robinson.

p:0488 336419

Join the StreetSmart community:
twitter: @StreetSmartAust
Instagram: @streetsmartaust



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