May 20, 2016

Chef Works – Urban Collection

Chef Works Urban Collection is a street-inspired line of culinary apparel. Influenced by the emerging trends of food trucks and pop-up restaurants; The Urban Collection is the perfect combination of edgy fashion and forward thinking functionality.

From aprons to chef jackets & shirts, each piece serves as an opportunity to make a bold statement to define, recreate, or complement your entire look. Chef Works has developed the widest range of aprons in Australia, featuring over 500 different styles and a variety of fabrics including waxed denim, canvas, cross hatch, and antique washed cotton.

Chef Works is dedicated to providing the most fashion-forward, affordable, and durable uniforms worldwide. As a global culinary apparel brand they have been successfully manufacturing and distributing high quality culinary apparel internationally in over 60 countries for over 45 years.


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