September 8, 2014

Conti Launches New Technology and Design in Espresso Equipment

Boema, an Australian coffee equipment manufacturer and the machine agent for Conti have just showcased the new Monte Carlo espresso machine at MICE (Melbourne International Coffee Event) in May 2014.
The Monte Carlo has new multi boiler technology with innovative pre-infusion and is available in two and three groups. Other machine features are an internal rotary pump adjustable from the outside, independent coffee boilers 0.9 L each, thermally insulated with the temperature of each coffee boiler controlled by a PID system.
The Monte Carlo also has an automatic fill up on the steam boiler managed by two level probes. New safety features include cool touch steam wands and non stick coating on the coffee groups.
If you are interested in having a road test with this particular model, you can make an appointment with BOEMA Australia for a demonstration and hands on test run. It will help make your decision when considering either a new set up or replacement of an existing machine.
Contact Boema on (02) 9756 4744



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