February 26, 2015

Creating a Twist with Beverage Classics

Premium Mocha Latte

Flavour innovation and variety have taken the beverage market by storm. The Art of Blend is all about designing the perfect gourmet beverage both new and classic, introducing The Art of Blend Premium Mocha Latte beverage blend. In an already crowded market place, classic blends like Mocha Lattes can be lost between the excitement of innovative smoothies and Frappes. However it is the fine balance of rich Arabica coffee, gourmet Belgian chocolate and just a touch of vanilla bean that sets The Art of Blend Premium Mocha Latte apart from the rest. As an innovative beverage blend, Premium Mocha Latte can be served hot cold or icy and with a number of added flavours, that make it the perfect beverage blend to have on your beverage menu. Be creative with The Art of Blend as the flavouring offerings are endless, by adding the most simple and popular flavours with our Premium Mocha Latte beverage powder you can create a Mint Mocha Frappe, Hazelnut Mocha Latte or merge a traditional dessert and classic beverage to create a Banana Split Mocha Frappe. For more information check out our website


Banana Split Mocha Frappe

Ingredients (16oz/475ml serving)
1 cup Ice Cubes
¾ cup Cold Water
2 scoops Premium Mocha Latte beverage powder
1 banana
Whipped Cream


Fill cup with ice cubes and water and pour into blender. Add 2 scoops of The Art of Blend Premium Mocha Latte beverage powder, small banana and blend on high for 30 seconds* or until smooth. Decorate with Whipped Cream and serve.


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