July 9, 2015

Creative Smoothie flavours

The appetite for smoothies as a healthy-yet-sweet snack has had a huge impact on the beverage market, with traditional fruit flavours such as banana, mango & berry rounding out the top spots on beverage menus.

Creative Yoghurt Smoothie from The Art of Blend range of beverage powders is strictly created to offer more versatile and creative smoothies. With a unique blend of yoghurt powder and dairy boosted probiotics, Creative Yoghurt Smoothie base provides the convenience, healthy benefits and versatility of smoothies, while also being a neutral base allowing for more versatility in flavours from plain yoghurt to more creative flavours such as Berry & Basil.

The Art of Blend Creative Yoghurt Smoothie base is the ultimate smoothie base paving the way for more innovative and creative flavours to make way onto your beverage menu.
Berry & Basil Smoothie
½ cup mixed berries
½ cup ice
½ cup water
80g Creative Yoghurt Smoothie
4-3 fresh Basil Leaves
Fill ½ the cup with mixed berries, ½ the cup with ice and add water up to ½ the cup. Pour into blender. Add 2 scoops (80g) Creative Yoghurt Smoothie, basil and blend on high for 30seconds* or until smooth. Pour into serving glass and garnish as desired.
*Blender times vary depending on blender used.
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