August 18, 2016

Decadent Milk Chocolate

Mixed berries + Chocolate = an unbeatable flavour

With a distinct chocolate flavour and smooth mouth feel, The Art of Blend Decadent Milk Chocolate is an all-in-one beverage powder. While chocolate flavoured beverages, be them hot, cold or blended are forever popular, Decadent Milk Chocolate paired with something a little extra will create an endless listing of beverages for your menu. Create delicious flavours such as choc-coconut, chocolate peanut butter or from something a little sweet with a berry base try a black forest frappe. Blend together berries and our gourmet Decadent Chocolate powder together to create an irresistible blended frappe perfect for every menu. Offer a fully customised beverage menu with just one chocolate powder and your own additional flavours, Decadent Milk Chocolate stands alone with a classic blend of rich chocolate with the perfect balance of sweet and milky notes. However it also stands as the perfect beverage base to build on with additional flavour additions – producing beverages with a flavour that will linger long after the beverage is finished.

 Black Forest Frappe

Ingredients (16oz/475ml serving)

¾ cup ice

¼ cup mixed berries

¾ cup milk

80g Decadent Milk Chocolate


Fill ¾ cup with ice cubes, ¼ cup mixed berries and pour into blend. Continue to add ¾ cup of milk and 2 scoops (80g) The Art of Blend Decadent Milk Chocolate to blender and blend on speed for 30 seconds* or until smooth. Pour into serving glass and decorate with whipped cream and desired toppings.

*blender times may vary depending on blender used

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