July 18, 2014

Express cooking solutions to transform cafe menus

Live demonstrations

Café owners who are as passionate about food as they are about coffee and who are looking to increase profits, productivity and menu variety should reserve a place at an Express Café Solutions event.

These live cooking events demonstrate solutions tailored for cafés to expand food menus that will extend customer spend beyond just coffee and cake and increase profitability.

Research by Café Pulse indicates up to 50% of coffee purchases include a snack or food item. Express Café Solutions demonstrates that through expanding the range and quality of food, this percentage can be increased, as well as the transaction value. “Would you like a fresh smoothie or omelette with your coffee?”… imagine the difference this could make to the bottom line.

But what if there’s only limited space? Café owners and former restaurant chefs who start up their own smaller cafés often have big ideas for food, but are challenged by limited footprints including only a small or no back of house kitchen.

Using flexible cooking options, Express Café Solutions will show how to produce various café dishes front of house, without the need for a canopy or extraction hood.

Utilising products from Vitamix, Menumaster and Lincoln, the selected equipment can increase productivity through quick drink blending and food preparation, as well as express heating and cooking.

Café staff will only require basic training on the easy to use equipment to prepare dishes quickly and consistently, freeing up their time to focus on other important tasks – like serving great coffee!

During the live event
Taste a wide range of freshly prepared café favourites, from smoothies and home-made soups through to foccacias and pizzas, to fully appreciate the possible expansion to menus and the potential for increased profits by implementing an Express Café Solution.

And as dishes are cooked or prepared from scratch, café owners can tailor menus to include home-made favourites, locally sourced and/or organic ingredients to meet customer needs and complement the perfect coffee blend.
So even with limited resources or small spaces, discover how Express Café Solutions can help to deliver big results to transform your café.

Express Café Solutions live events are brought to you from the world of Comcater.
To register for the next event near you and to find out more, call 1800 035 327 or visit

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