October 24, 2014

Frosty Boy Australia launches ‘The Art of Blend’

Frosty Boy Australia causes a stir in the beverage market  with the launch of ‘The Art of Blend’

Leading Australian frozen dessert and beverage manufacturer, Frosty Boy Australia is set to launch its most unique beverage range yet, ‘The Art Of Blend’, in a bid to gain a bigger scoop of the $542 million beverage market in Australia.

Causing a stir in the QSR industry, The Art of Blend range includes; Aromatic Spiced Chai, Creative Yoghurt Smoothie, Finest Belgian Chocolate, Exquisite White Chocolate, Premium Mocha Latte, Velvet Dairy Frappe Base and Original Iced Coffee.

Each product boasts ingredients from Forastero cocoa to Arabica coffee and a secret blend of spices, to ensure the ultimate drinking experience. Each option has no artificial colours or sweeteners, no preservatives, no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, has live probiotic cultures, is gluten free and does not require milk.

Frosty Boy Australia CEO Dirk Pretorius said consumer trends had changed dramatically in the past five years, with the beverage market growing more than 10 per cent since 2009 and products now have to evolve to reflect this.

“The Art of Blend draws on the synergies found in art and food. The look, the creaminess of the taste and the feel of this outstanding range really defines ‘premium’, and is a result of our significant research and development,” Mr Pretorius said.

“Our product range is flexible, our responsible manufacturing process is trusted and our reputation for the highest quality assurance allows us to provide our clients with the best products in which they can call their own, and impress their own discerning customers.

“This range gives food service outlets the opportunity to provide more premium options to their customers so they can stand out further in an increasingly competitive market.

The tagline, “design to excite” will do just that as The Art of Blend range is flexible and able to be used as frappes and slushies that can be enjoyed either over ice, or as a hot beverage. The range allows retailers to be creative and make the products their own by adding fruits, flavouring, toppings, syrups, or just water to the powders.

Frosty Boy Australia, with its production warehouse in Yatala, Brisbane, specialises in producing a high quality range of powdered base products including soft serve, frozen yogurt and beverage bases for cafes, convenience stores and quick service restaurants and has been operating for almost 40 years.

For more information on Frosty Boy Australia visit


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