April 22, 2016

Give StixToGo a Go today!

Delight customers and make your cafe a standout with our StixToGo plugs! Here is why: Your coffees stay hotter for longer, which means customers enjoy your excellent coffee to the last drop, and will remember you for it. Also, StixToGo prevent accidental spills and mess. Customers love these spill-preventing, heat-retaining devices.
StixToGo will be an ingenious enhancement to your coffee offering. A simple, inexpensive, value-added service to powerfully differentiate your business from the competition and boost sales of high-margin takeaway coffees.​ The plugs are being used by a rapidly growing number of cafes in Australia & New Zealand.
Fantastic feedback and more than 90% of our customers are re-ordering. Our clever make the transportation of hot coffees fast, safe and easy. And they make customers smile.
Go to and give StixToGo a Go today!

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