January 20, 2016

Go Green

Go Green when it comes to adding smoothies to your menu – this is one trend that has some nutritional and health cred behind it. Adding green vegetables and fruit to your youghurt smoothie is an ideal way to achieve the daily fruit and vegetable requirements while also meeting that on-the-go lifestyle customers have today. The Art of Blend Creative Yoghurt Smoothie has a natural yoghurt taste and blends perfect with fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables like spinach, cucumber, avocado and banana to create a refreshing, convenient and healthy blended yoghurt smoothie. Boosted with dairy and live probiotic cultures, our Creative Yoghurt Smoothie makes it easy to create a green smoothie that suits those customers looking for a healthy alternative to blended beverages.

Avocado & Cucumber Yoghurt Smoothie

14oz/475ml Serving


¼ cup Avocado (fresh or frozen)

¾ cup Ice

¾ cup Water

2 scoops (80g) Creative Yoghurt Smoothie powder

½ Lebanese Cucumber


  1. Fill ¼ 16oz cup with avocado and ¾ with ice.
  2. Add up to ¾ of the cup with water and pour into blender.
  3. Add 2 scoops Creative Yoghurt Smoothie base and Lebanese Cucumber.
  4. Blend on high for 30 seconds or until smooth.
  5. Pour into serving glass and garnish as desired.

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