August 13, 2015

Italian Style Hot Chocolate

The Art of Blend has added a new gourmet chocolate powder to their range of premium beverage powders –Italian Style Hot Chocolate. Each powder from The Art of Blend range has the look, taste and feeling of a premium beverage and the newest blend is no different. Italian Style Hot Chocolate differs from other chocolate powders with its thick, rich chocolate flavour and full mouth feel created from a unique blend of 3 premium cocoas. As part of the versatile beverage range, Italian Style Hot Chocolate can be prepared using a choc warmer or milk steamer and be served on it’s own or with additional flavours such as coconut and peanut butter. This new gourmet chocolate powder creates an Italian inspired hot chocolate that offers a unique drinking experience and will make a premium addition to any beverage menu.

 Italian Style Hot Chocolate


5 litres Milk

1kg Italian Style Hot Chocolate

Directions (using chocolate warmer)

Combine milk & Italian Style Hot Chocolate into a food grade mixing container and mix for 30 seconds or until sugar is fully dissolved. Pour mix into Chocolate Warmer and set temperature at 80ºC with agitation on. Once it has reached that temperature, change the setting to 65ºC (serving temperature) and serve as needed.


Italian Style Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate


200 ml milk

40g Italian Style Hot Chocolate

Peanut Butter

Directions (using coffee machine milk steamer)

Pour 200ml of milk into stainless steel jug and add 1 scoop (40g) Italian Style Hot Chocolate powder. Insert steam wand and turn it on, release the initial air quickly and submerge steam wand into mix. Continue to heat until the product starts to thicken (75-80ºC). Spread desired amount of peanut butter around the serving glass, pour mix into serving glass and serve.





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