April 22, 2016

Italians choose Australian AMANTI coffee !

In a major coup for Australia, AMANTI coffee has been selected by an Italian chain of gelato stores in Viadana Italy.
How did it happen ? 
Fabio, the owner of the chain was on holiday in Sydney. 
Desperate for a good espresso, he tried a coffee at Corner Coffee Co at the top end of George Street.
Blown away by the quality, flavour and presentation, AMANTI became a ‘must have’ for his chain !
After months of planning, collaboration with AMANTI’s master roaster 
and dealing with Italian customs, the systems were put in place to air freight fresh coffee weekly to the stores.
 “When I first tasted AMANTI, I felt at home. At that point I decided to take some of Australia back to Italy. Hopefully, I can return the favour by bringing traditional, Italian gelato to Australia one day.” says Fabio

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