July 23, 2015

It’s a WIN WIN!

Assist in growing the Cafe Market and win $1000 cash from Silver Chef and a review in Cafe Culture magazine.

Calling on all café owners, baristas, roasters & coffee professionals to complete our 4th Annual One Day Café Pulse survey for 2015.
This takes less than 8 minutes to complete online and the collective results are used to directly benefit your entire café industry.

All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence. Individual details will not be discussed, published or disclosed at any time.
This is your opportunity to voice your valuable opinion and assist in understanding café market yearly trends!

The relationship you hold with each representative varies between all café suppliers and traditional FoodService wholesalers that you connect with daily. Imagine the benefits to your business if these connections provided, were tailored and added value, enabling you to increase your business with all suppliers in the largest and most competitive café / coffee channel.

By participating in this survey, your responses will provide valuable insights on current café issues and topics that will guide roasters and café suppliers as they direct their priorities within their field sales teams to improved service satisfaction.

The end result will be a more tailored, proactive sales call procedure with benefits to both you and your café suppliers due to raised awareness of what constitutes a valuable customer relationship in this expanding café market.










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